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Nail Polish Pen

Nail Polish Pen


Nail polish pen with one color cartridge $29.95

Color Cartridges
- If you buy 10 you get one extra for free
- If you buy 20 you get three extra for free
- If you buy 30 you get 5 for free

Shipping and Handling in the US $5.95.
Next day air delivery available at request. 
Also available gift wrap for extra $3.00.


The technology of nail polish application has remained virtually unchanged since the turn of the century. Nail polish users are familiar with the bottle and brush that has been the mainstay of the cosmetics industry. Industry research has indicated the desire for a better system of nail polish delivery and complaints by consumers with the current bottle and brush system include:

• The potential for spilling and breakage, 
• Wasted polish when it thickens and becomes unusable,
• Difficulty of application,
• Chipping and the amount of time it takes for the polish to dry on the fingernails. 

Politech's patented Nail Polish Delivery System will solve virtually all of these problems including:
• a hermetically sealed cartridge protecting the solvents in nail polish almost indefinitely,
• Delivery of an even and controlled flow of fresh polish with a new brush for each application,
• As the polish passes through the opening in the cartridge, it is sheared and flows through a center-feed brush providing a smooth, even, fast and easy application

How It Works

The Sashay - Nail Polish system makes your life much simpler.

• The reusable pen dispenser device, which holds the polish cartridge, has an expected life of several years. The polish cartridge is inserted into the pen dispenser which utilizes a simple manual lever device to apply a smooth even coat of polish every time. Each click of the button will dispense the exact amount of polish needed to cover nails quickly and evenly. The beautifully styled pen will be an elegant addition to every cosmetic bag or purse.

• The polish cartridge consists of a small metal capsule with a brush attachment. Each cartridge contains enough polish to apply two coats of polish to ten fingernails of average length. The polish capsule has a metal-to-metal seal, similar to an aluminum beverage can, and is capable of containing the solvents almost indefinitely. A clear plastic cap covers the brush and the metal capsule is protected with a plastic casement imprinted with the name of the polish color.

• After the polish application is complete, the polish cartridge can be disposed of and the Nail Polish Pen device is ready for the next application. Each cartridge contains a different color of nail polish. 
The revolutionary new system permits the user to have several different colors of polish available without carrying large bottles in purse or luggage. No more wasted bottles of nail polish that have dried up or colors you no longer use.

Color Card

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