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Borrego Moringa Nutritional Supplement

Borrego Moringa Nutritional Supplement


The miraculous "Moringa" Leaf - Nature's Medicine Chest - is naturally high in protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, sulfur, vitamins, essential amino acids, fatty acids, dietary fiber, polyphenols and flavonoids including anti-oxidants, antiinflammatories, antihistamines, and antimicrobial compounds to build the immune system.

Moringa - like all plants - absorbs its nutrients for growth from the water and soil in which it is growing. Unlike all plants though, Borrego MoringaTM has a unique ability to produce an array of Natural Organic Compounds within the various plant tissues, i.e., roots, bark, stems, foliage and flowers that happen to be required by the human body and some other animals for growth and to sustain a healthy balanced metabolism. The significance is that these compounds and vital dietary nurtiants are fully "bioavailable" in ionic form naturally - without processing or augmentation. Borrego MoringaTM is truely "Nature's Medicine Chest".

Borrego MoringaTM (CULTIVAR) was selected by IAS for its ability to absorb vital minerals from the geothermal irrigation water and mineral soils deposited over millennia from the ancient ocean which covered the Borrego desert, from which Borrego MoringaTM is cultivated.

The result: a product rich in necessary vitamins, amino acids, minerals and an era of vital compounds that give our bodies the vitality and health we deserve.

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Analysis & Testimonials

There are twenty two well known minerals essential to human health, they are divided into "major" minerals (present in the body in greater amounts then a teaspoon) and "trace" minerals present in the body (in amounts of less then a teaspoon). Deficiency of either a major or trace mineral can produce equally harmful effects. Minerals work either together or against each other. Some minerals compete for absorption, so a larger intake of one mineral can produce a deficiency of another. In other cases, some minerals enhance the absorption of other minerals. Absorption is also dependent on site specific body needs; a person who is deficient in a mineral will absorb more of a particular mineral than someone who is adequately nourished.
The human body - when reduced to its simplest form - is a small pile of mineral (ashes) weighing approximately five pounds which play vital roles in all body tissues and function.

Minerals provide structure to bones and participate in muscle contraction, blood formation, building protein, energy production and numerous other body functions. Some minerals such as sodium, potassium and chloride are electrical charges "Electrolytes" that act like a magnet to attach to other electrically charged substances and form complex molecules, conduct electrical impulses along nerves which transport substances in and out of the cells. In addition minerals regulate pH balance of blood and other fluids as well as fluid pressure between cells and the blood. Minerals also bind proteins and other organic substances and are found in red blood cells, all cell membranes, hormones and enzymes and in some cases act as antioxidants and are catalysts for all bodily processes.

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$25.95 per bottle plus shipping and handling
Borrego Moringa™  comes in powder form.

Each bottle contains Net 60 grams of Borrego Moringa powder.

Shipping and Handling in the US $5.95.

Next day air delivery available at request. 

Also available gift wrap for extra $3.00.

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