Spirulina Skin Care System

Spirulina Face & Body Masque

Spirulina Face & Body Masque


The Spirulina Skin Care System is a complete all-in-one skin revitalization system for the face and body.

This amazing masque stimulates, exfoliates, hydrates and nourishes the skin. The unique blend contains spirulina algae, fine mineral clays, herbal extracts and natural botanical components consisting of essential vitamins, ionic minerals, polysaccharides, protein, moisturizing humectants and aromatherapy botanicals.

Each ingredient has been hand selected and evaluated for its consistency, quality and potency. The Spirulina Skin Care System uses only the highest quality, all natural and pure ingredients.

How It Works

Deep Skin Cleansing – Our spirulina masque is specially formulated to remove dead skin, while drawing the toxins and impurities out of the skin and providing nutrients to the newly exposed skin. Toxins and free radicals cause aging, poor skin texture and disease. Our faces are constantly exposed to the elements year round making it susceptible to free radicals and skin damage. By removing the dead skin and toxins, your skin is left looking younger and more vital.

Tighten Pores – looks good and protects the skin from damaging elements.

Youthful Rejuvenation – Softens the skin bringing it back to its more natural state. A child’s face hasn’t had the repeated years of harsh sun, toxins and exposure to chemicals, which is one of the reasons a child’s skin is so soft.

Beautiful Healthy Skin – All of these factors add up to a HIGHER quality of life, a longer life and a life of beautiful skin.

Nourishes the skin – Spirulina Masque not only cleanses the skin, it nourishes, revitalizes and contours the skin, leaving the skin in a smooth, cleans and fresh state. While most skin masques remove toxins and exfoliate skin, many skin masques don’t replenish or nourish the skin, any masque that dries or cracks probably isn’t providing the replenishment your skin needs. Your skin is like any other organ that needs nutrients to function most effectively. Your skin will enjoy being fed the nutrients it craves most and you will be rewarded with a fresh look others will rave about.

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$35.95 per jar plus shipping and handling

Shipping and Handling in the US $5.95.

Next day air delivery available at request. 

Also available gift wrap for extra $3.00.

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