About Us
Sashay Beauty Products, Inc. is dedicated to finding all natural products that do not contain any harmful chemicals.  The cosmetic and beauty markets are rapidly changing toward the nutricosmetic formats.  It is now believed that chemicals in cosmetic products are the cause of many health problems and diseases.  

The downside of using these new nutricosmetic products is the cost.  To use all natural and organically grown products costs more money.  For example, to eat all organically grown fruits and vegtables would be much more expensive than eating non-organically grown fruits and vegetables.  Also eating only grass fed beef or wild fish not farm raised fish would be very costly.  

Sashay works directly with the inventors of  these products which are either patented or trade secrets.  You will not see these products in the retail stores since at the present time they cannot be made in large volumes.  The internet is the ideal place for these new products to be distributed since the information can be available to many people and the advertising costs are much lower. Since the cost is already higher because of the added cost to grow and manufacture these products only by reducing advertising costs can be they be made available to you at a more reasonable price.

Our goal at Sashay Beauty is to provide you with products that will make you beautiful inside and out without the harmful chemicals.  We are going back to nature to find the answers to making you healthy, happy and beautiful. 
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