Sashay is for the woman who wants to be beautiful inside and out.  Beauty starts with a healthy body.  Today harmful chemicals are the cause of many of the health problems that we face either through our food, water, air or applications on our skin, hair and nails.  Sashay is dedicated to finding those unique beauty products that only use natural and organic ingredients with no harmful chemicals.  

Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) is a chemical in nail polish that may cause abnormal development in babies and cause male sterility.  Toluene is a solvent in nail polish that controls the evaporation rate and smoothness of the nail polish.  Toluene is believed to cause cancer and reproductive problems with women.  Formaldehyde has been incorrectly included on nail polish labels but should have been listed as Methylene Glycol (MLG).  MLG is a cross-linking agent that stiffens fingernail proteins. When inhaled over extended periods of time it is know to cause nasal cancers.

Sashay’s new Cosmetic Pen with disposable Nail Polish Cartridges are free from these harmful chemicals.  In fact when using the Pen and Cartridges there is minimal smell of the nail polish since the nail polish has been contained in the Cartridges and is only exposed through the brush as it is applying the nail polish.  There are no open bottles of nail polish evaporating solvents while you are doing your nails.  The Sashay Cosmetic Pen will deliver a smooth, silky application of nail polish on all ten nails with two coats.  After you are finished applying the nail polish you can dispose of the cartridge and the pen is ready for many more applications. 

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and it also needs nutrition.  The Spirulina Skin Care system is a complete facial and body masque that stimulates, exfoliates, hydrates and nourishes the skin.  The unique blend contains spirulina algae, fine mineral clays, herbal extracts and natural botanical components consisting of essential vitamins, ionic minerals, polysaccharides, protein, moisturizing humectants and aromatherapy botanicals.  Each ingredient has been hand selected and evaluated for its consistency, quality and potency.  The Spirulina Skin Care System uses only the highest quality, all natural and pure ingredients.  It is essentially food for your skin. 

In today’s world of fast food and fruits and vegetables being grown from depleted soil and harmful chemical pesticides, it is difficult to get your minimum vitamins and minerals your body needs.  Our bodies are amazing since it can tell us when we are not getting enough nutrition from  our current diets. If you are always eating but are always hungry maybe your body is telling you that you need to eat more of the correct foods to give you the vitamins and minerals it needs.  The Borrego Moringa nutritional supplement is an all natural leaf of the Moringa tree.  It is high in protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, sulfur, vitamins and essential amino acids.  Eating foods that don’t contain the nutrition that we need only adds to one of the biggest problems in the U.S. which is obesity.  If eating healthier and losing weight is one of your goals try the Borrego Moringa nutritional supplement.

nail polish system
nail polish system nail polish system nail polish system nail polish system nail polish system nail polish system
Use the Nail Polish 
Pen with disposable
capsules to apply an even and controlled flow of fresh polish
All the benefits of a new freshly opened bottle of polish with 
no waste or spilage
Changing nail polish colors is as easy as changing cartridges The nail polish pen with a center feed brush makes it easy and fast to apply the nail polish and delivers a smooth and even flow The compact and portable system 
makes it easy to 
travel with

Makes a great and unique gift idea

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